In the mystical winter landscapes of Iceland, the fascinating story of the Jólasveinar has been told for centuries - the YULE LADS who live in the mountains with their scary
parents Grýla and Leppalúði.

This band of rogues is just as unique as terrifying. But their intentions are by no means evil - rather, they bring a mixture of practical jokes and the grotesque to the festive season.

Between December 12th and 24th, they set off into the villages one after the other . They sneak into people's houses and play pranks on people, steal food or annoy livestock. Each Jólasvein has his own personality and quirks that excite the residents. The list of their pranks is as bizarre as it is entertaining. And they always manage to put a smile on people's faces during this frosty season. On January 6th the last of them stops annoying the people and returns to the mountains to join the others. Despite their scary origins, the Jólasveinar have become endearing symbols in modern Icelandic culture. They embody the spirit of winter, the magic of the holidays and the joy of celebrating together.

In the “Jólasveinar” bracelet, Red Jasper embodies the 13 Jule Lads Jólasveinar. This gemstone not only symbolizes individuality, unique charm and mischievous energy, but it also gives strength and endurance.

Magnesite represents Mother Grýla, and rather embodies qualities that she needs and the gemstone conveys : Calming and relaxation, promoting love, compassion and balance.

Father Leppalúði is embodied by Lava and stands for strength and stability, connection to the earth and the contrast between destruction and creation, which is what lava is all about .

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Product Information:
  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.
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Description of the gems

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


The inner fire, what you "burn" for, becomes visible with Lava. This determination and connection helps turn ideas into action. It also gives stamina and attraction. The lava stone bestows the wearer the power to become visible and get going, gives zest for action, determination and energy, supports new beginnings, goal achievement and life plans. The lava gem used is porous and can therefore also serve as an aroma carrier for perfumes or scented oils, which it absorbs well and releases over a longer period of time.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


Magnesite is a gemstone that promotes inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Its calming energy helps clear the mind and facilitates meditation. Magnesite creates a connection to inner wisdom and promotes self-reflection. This gemstone supports spiritual growth and the unfolding of consciousness by promoting harmony between body, mind and soul.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Red Jasper

It gives willpower, makes courageous and dynamic. It supports energy to implement your own goals and plans. It promotes courage for unpleasant tasks and stimulates the mind. It gives calm and inner harmony, stands for strength, courage, endurance and stamina and frees from blockages and external influences. But it also promotes warrior qualities and strengthens willingness and willpower in problem situations.