Unique pieces of jewelry as powerful symbols and life companions not only for horse lovers

Horses have accompanied people for thousands of years. When we discovered them for ourselves, a new age began for mankind.

No other animal has influenced human history as much as the horse.

And no other animal can fascinate us as much as the horse.

Sometimes we see a pair of riders and it is immediately clear to us: rider and horse are a unit here, they understand each other without words, they trust each other blindly and are a strong team. You can see: they connect infinite closeness and love to each other.

Who doesn't want to express this love and connection with unique pieces of jewelery for horse lovers?

For the Symbolas jewelery for horse lovers we have created a separate representation via "Symbolas Pferdewelten" and wish you lots of fun on your journey of discovery.

For the cold season, we are also presenting the time-limited collection "Winter Magic" with beautiful motifs and bracelets

And for the very special connection between horse and rider we will design your own, individual bracelet "ME & YOU"