Timless beauty and elegance


The beauty of a horse's head not only inspires riders. It is a special expression of beauty, dignity and elegance, which also fascinates us.

It was our wish to combine this with the effect of gemstones and that is why we are offering in our limited horse head collection such made of different gemstones.

The horse as a power animal embodies majesty, power and grandeur. It is a freedom-loving creature and gives us wisdom, intuition, but also caution. It awakens a deep sense of trust and protection in us, so that we can overcome obstacles more easily and break new ground, but also recognize and
accept opportunities.

All of our horse heads are unique pieces of timeless beauty, handcrafted by stone carvers in Asia.
Each horse head is delivered in a floating frame together with a spiral made of stainless steel and a strap made of soft goatskin, optionally natural or black (see photos on the product page).

15% discount if order value exceeds 200,00€ - not combinable with discount codes!


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The ribbon AND the spiral are included in the price.
Color - Gemstone:

Description of the gems

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Rock Crystal

Due to its purity and lucidity, rock crystal conveys a clear perception, neutrality, a "good instinct" for the right time and awareness for the essence. It stands for reflection, self-awareness, wisdom and self- confidence. The gem focuses thoughts on set goals and can revive skills that were believed lost. It helps to overcome self-imposed mental limits.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

White Jade

Jade stands for balance between activity and rest, makes you dynamic and agile and promotes playful self-realization. It supports dynamism and mental flexibility. In case of excessive activity, jade can soothe, in case of indolence, activate. It is a protective stone against aggressive mental attacks and helps to relieve grief and tension for more balance and inner peace. It also encourages creativity.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Red Jasper

It gives willpower, makes courageous and dynamic. It supports energy to implement your own goals and plans. It promotes courage for unpleasant tasks and stimulates the mind. It gives calm and inner harmony, stands for strength, courage, endurance and stamina and frees from blockages and external influences. But it also promotes warrior qualities and strengthens willingness and willpower in problem situations.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Smoky Quartz

It is one of the most popular anti-stress stones. It is said to promote concentration and willpower and to help strengthen the nerves. It supports relaxation on a mental and physical level and conveys clarity in opaque matters and when attacked. It helps to release blockages and is said to increase resilience in the event of great demands and responsibility. It gives strength, provides clarity and willpower.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz stands for self-realization and self-confidence, helps to develop one's own abilities and to recognize one's own goals. It promotes open-mindedness, helpfulness, harmonious coexistence, strength of heart and empathy. It brings gentleness and helpfulness, but also makes determined. It also helps to draw attention to one's own needs.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


The black tourmaline (Schörl) is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies. It promotes the pursuit of harmony and clarity in life. It enables us to perceive developments and processes more closely and thus to be able to control them. It protects against negative thoughts and influences. It helps against burdens, stress, resentment and distrust, brings serenity and an open point of view.