Our pieces of jewelry are parables, telling stories of values, experiences and feelings. They are the language of the soul.

Symbols enhance the power of thought. They are a wonderful way to believe in something, because faith moves mountains.

Today, as in the past, people like to wear symbols that are important to them as a piece of jewelry. Bracelets are particularly popular. They are an expression of their faith, their conviction or their connectedness and they thus give their wishes confidence and strength. Regardless of whether it is a spiritual or personally significant symbol - worn as a piece of jewelry, it takes on great importance.

This is what the Symbolas jewelry collections stand for uniting all this wonderfully. With unique pieces of jewelry, Symbolas tells stories of conviction, feelings and values ​​and also gives the wearer the strength and energy contained in the combination of gemstones.

Because of her history as a dressage rider, the heart of the designer, Karin Küpper, beats for the love of horses.

That's why we have established our own online shop with special creations for horse lovers - the Symbolas Horse Worlds.

The "Pferdeliebe - Me & YOU" collection is also exceptional, in which an individual piece of jewelry is designed for riders based on the character traits and colors of their horse, which are then reflected in the selection of gemstones .

Riders wear this unique piece as a sign of their eternal bond and love for their horse.

Visit us on the Symbolas HomePage, where you can discover many gems related to mythologies and spirituality: