In the distant plains of Iceland, where nature shines in its purest form, the fascinating legend of Heppni, the lucky elf, is told. Heppni, of enchanting beauty and lovely grace, wanders through the vast landscapes, her steps accompanied by the gentle whisper of the wind.

Heppni wears a bracelet made of Mookaite and Lava, a gift from nature that symbolizes her unique connection to the world. The Mookaite, with its earthy tones, reflects Heppni's connection to the earth. This connection gives her the ability to bring happiness and good fortune to the hearts of those who
cross her path.

The Lava, deep black and rough in texture, represents Heppni's inner strength and determination. In legend, she carries the Lava as a protective shield, allowing her to overcome obstacles and protect those who need her help.

Heppni wanders the icy plains, spreading happiness wherever she goes. Her touch leaves traces of warmth and comfort, and her eyes reflect the magic of an unshakable joy of life.

People say that Heppni chose the Mookaite and the Lava from the depths of the land itself as symbols for the harmonious combination of happiness and inner strength.

It is said that anyone who wears a bracelet made of mookaite and lava will be touched by Heppni's magical good luck spell and may carry happiness in their heart wherever the paths of life take them.

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Product Information:
  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.
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Description of the gems

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


The inner fire, what you "burn" for, becomes visible with Lava. This determination and connection helps turn ideas into action. It also gives stamina and attraction. The lava stone bestows the wearer the power to become visible and get going, gives zest for action, determination and energy, supports new beginnings, goal achievement and life plans. The lava gem used is porous and can therefore also serve as an aroma carrier for perfumes or scented oils, which it absorbs well and releases over a longer period of time.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


Mookaite is considered an energizing gem in regeneration and healing processes. It supports mental balance and promotes the desire for variety and new experiences. But despite all the love of life, it also gives deep inner peace. It helps to broaden the intellectual horizon. As a stone of balance, it helps through phases of inertia and listlessness, but at the same time dampens overzealous busyness.