Every winter the little snowman Frosty came to a village in the far north. His body of snow resembled shimmering white Rock Crystal, his eyes were of black Lava, and his nose was of glowing Carnelian. Frosty not only had an enchanting appearance, but also deeper meaning for the villagers, which was also expressed in the effect of the gemstones.

 Rock Crystal stood for clarity and purity. Its radiant glow not only symbolized the beauty of winter, but also reminded people to clear their thoughts and explore their inner being. Therefore, Frosty encouraged the villagers to seek clarity in their hearts and appreciate the magic of the moment.

 His Lava eyes, created from the depths of the earth, represented passion and energy. The black glow of his eyes not only conveyed a welcoming warmth, but also reminded people to pursue their passions and ignite the fire of life. Frosty was a symbol of the living energy that lies within each individual.

The glowing Carnelian nose symbolized joy and creativity. Frosty showed the villagers that true beauty lies in joy and that creativity can be a bridge to a magical world.

Frosty taught the villagers the meaning of uniqueness and the wonder found in the little things of life life lies. He became a source of inspiration and wisdom, reminding people that there is beauty in diversity and difference. to strive for purity, passion and joy in their own lives.

Whenever winter was over and spring came, Frosty disappeared, but his magic existed all year round. And every winter he returned to his village to spread joy and happiness.

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NEW! FROSTY - THE LITTLE SNOWMAN (2 versions: 8 mm and 10 mm gemstones)


Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 10 or 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet
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Description of the gems

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Crashed Rock Crystal

Due to its purity and clarity, rock crystal conveys a clear perception, neutrality, a 'good nose' for the right time and an eye for the essentials. It focuses the thoughts on the set goal and can revive skills that were believed lost. It helps to overcome self-imposed mental limits. The rock crystal brings us clarity, order and harmony and gives us vitality and inner peace. It supports us in reflection, self-knowledge, wisdom and self-confidence. It fills us with positive energy, joy and happiness and gives us inner peace, mental clarity and serenity. Here we use the crashed version of the rock crystal. It is created by briefly heating the gemstone.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


Carnelian gives steadfastness, courage and energy. It gives new joie de vivre and vitality and helps to enjoy beauty. It also supports concen- tration, a sense of reality, a practical and realistic approach and strengthens the self-confidence to make demands or to overcome problems. It helps to process disappointments and cope with difficult and stressful situations.

Symbolas Pferde-Welten


The inner fire, what you "burn" for, becomes visible with Lava. This determination and connection helps turn ideas into action. It also gives stamina and attraction. The lava stone bestows the wearer the power to become visible and get going, gives zest for action, determination and energy, supports new beginnings, goal achievement and life plans. The lava gem used is porous and can therefore also serve as an aroma carrier for perfumes or scented oils, which it absorbs well and releases over a longer period of time.