Pearl Luster - pure perfection

Winter brings cold and darkness, but also a lot of splendor into our lives. The gloss and sparkle of ice and snow, shining children's eyes at Christmas, sparkling stars in the clear winter sky, are just some of the images in our imagination.

"Pearl Luster" is a radiant ode to the perfection of this winter splendor. This unique bracelet, created for the magical season, reflects the gloss and radiance that winter brings into our lives and embodies the brilliant elements of winter time.

The Shell Pearl that the bracelet is made of, embodies pure perfection, elegance and clarity. Every pearl tells a story of beauty, strength and timeless grace.

“Pearl Luster” is a shimmering companion through the wintery days and nights. It invites you to marvel at the splendor of winter and to penetrate the precious moments of cold with a radiant aura.

The fine shell pearls not only reflect the splendor of winter, but also also the lively glitter of children's eyes when the magic of Christmas lights up the world. Like stars in the clear winter sky, the pearls give the bracelet a timeless elegance.

“Pearl Luster” – pure perfection. This bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry, but poetry that captures winter in all its splendor and grace. May it accompany you through the cold days and warm your heart with its shine.

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Product Information:
  • Diameter of gemstones is 10 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet
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Description of the gems

Symbolas Pferde-Welten

Shell Pearl

Pearls have always embodied feminine beauty, grace and elegance all over the world. The shell pearl symbolizes the effect of the pearl, which touches the soul with its shimmer and nurtures the emotional world, helping to find and maintain emotional balance. The pearl helps to strengthen intuition and sensitivity, to discover a rich inner world of images and to use them creatively. Just as the mussel protects its vulnerable interior with a hard shell, the pearl increases the desire for retreat, internalization and comfort.